Archaeology in British Columbia is a diverse affair. We say archaeology, and mean many other things. We do archaeology, and do many other things. When we think about archaeology, we must think about many other things.

Our archaeology is populated by professional archaeologists, Indigenous communities, regulatory and development players and the wider public. Republic of Archaeology takes a unifying look at the people and ideas who make up the business, art and science of archaeology in BC.


Behind Republic of Archaeology: Joanne Hammond

I'm an archaeologist and anthropologist in BC's southern Interior. I'm a citizen who respects Indigenous lands and governance. I'm all over the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) for archaeology and beyond. I believe we can craft socially responsible and morally defensible approaches to research and management that can produce outstanding human stories. 

I've been doing archaeology in BC since 1997 and am still figuring it out. I have degrees in anthropology (BA McGill) and archaeology (MA SFU), and am a professional member of the BCAPA. I am completely qualified to be a thorn in the side of establishment.

I work for the Skeetchestn Indian Band of the Secwepemc Nation on heritage and environmental management and governance. I also consult on heritage policy, education and training, and am active in community outreach for the public, sharing archaeology as widely as possible.

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@KamloopsArchaeo on Twitter