'Digging as a (W)hole'

22 October 2016 | Vancouver, BC

This year's Forum was organized by the graduate students of SFU's Department of Archaeology. Thanks to Erin Hogg, Laure Spake, Meghan Harris and others for your hard work.

Forum participants were encouraged to consider roles of and connections between the various branches of archaeology. The following questions were posed as a guide for submissions: 

  • How can research best contribute to the needs of field archaeology?
  • How can contract archaeology better serve First Nations?
  • How can the information generated from field archaeology be more accessible

I gave a presentation this year entitled 'Occupy Archaeology', encouraging professional advocacy. My slide presentation, with notes, is here, in the Featured section of this site. I also wrote a summary of the presentations and discussions in light of my own concerns and aspirations. You can also read it in the Featured section.

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